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Sydney Plastic Surgeon Changing Children’s Lives

Tuesday, June 23rd, 2015

Not all people are created equal. Not all were born to have a good pair of eyes, a well-figured nose, perfect lips, five fingers in a hand. There are children who were born with deformities and if left unchanged may cause them unpleasant social and psychological functioning when growing up.

Plastic surgery becomes the best option when correcting physical deformities among children. The earlier the intervention is, the better it will be for the child. So, what does a plastic surgeon can do to change children’s lives?

  • A plastic surgeon corrects physical deformities in children which are either acquired from birth, illness or trauma. When the procedure is done, children can live their lives normally.
  • Plastic surgeons that specialize in children’s deformities are especially skilled. Children, unlike adults cannot fully express what they really feel and may be uncooperative. Plastic surgeons have the ability to incorporate both a relaxing and cooperative environment while performing the procedures.
  • A plastic surgeon sees the best for every child they treat. According to some of the best plastic surgeons who perform surgeries for children, the most rewarding part of their occupation is to see how the procedure can actually change a child’s life in an instant.
  • Plastic surgery may be done on an outpatient basis. If you are worried of your child having confined to a hospital, then you should cast your worries as most plastic surgeries may be done as an outpatient procedure. You can take your child home after the procedure and just do regular visits with the surgeon to check the aftermath of the procedure.

If your child is prescribed to undergo a plastic surgery, don’t fret. It is not the kind you’d see with older adults that have had plastic surgeries that went wrong. Plastic surgeries for children are actually meant to change their lives forever.

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Farrah Abraham Dreams To Become A Plastic Surgeon

Thursday, April 2nd, 2015
Farrah Abraham

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If you dream and plot your future, make it big, dram big. That’s what Farrah Lynn Abraham is doing – an American reality television personality, author, musician, pornographic actress and stripper.

What made her famous and led to her being the number one most searched reality TV star on Google of 2013 was the fact that she got pregnant at 16 and was cast into a reality TV series entitled 16 and Pregnant.

She hopes to get back to school in five years’ time to fulfil her dream of becoming a plastic surgeon despite a plastic surgery mishap with her ending up with a botched lip implant.

Let’s hope nothing hampers her growth as an individual and her desire to become a plastic surgeon. By the way, if like Farrah Abraham you would like to become a plastic surgeon too, then here’s some info you might need to know:

  • Plastic surgeons are medical doctors who reconstruct and improve the physical appearances of patients by performing cosmetic and reconstructive surgery.
  • You must complete extensive graduate work, including medical school, residencies and fellowships.
  • Plastic surgeons must have the licence to practice their profession.
  • Prior to attending medical school, one must complete an undergraduate degree with prerequisite courses in chemistry, biology and physics.
  • The first two years of medical school (pre-clinical years) teaches students the fundamentals of body systems, diseases and patient care.
  • The final two years are the clinical years and places students in healthcare facilities to perform clinical rotations.
  • Residency programs incorporate training in cosmetic and reconstructive surgery while allowing residents greater independence that that of medical students.
  • Cosmetic plastic surgery involves procedures that serve only to change an individual’s appearance such as tummy tucks, hair restoration and breast augmentation. On the other hand, reconstructive plastic surgeons work with abnormal conditions caused by birth defects, accidents such as scars and cleft palates.

Farrah Abraham must be one diligent and dedicated woman if she plans to become a plastic surgeon.


The Things Your Plastic Surgeon Wants to Tell You But Can’t

Friday, January 2nd, 2015
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With enough money, you can literally buy everything, even a new face. However, there is no guarantee that you will look better than you do before the plastic surgery. A plastic surgery will definitely make you look different but a plastic surgeon would never guarantee perfect results as it can go either way. This is why plastic surgeons encourage their patients to become realistic and think a dozen times before making the decision to go under the blade.

Some plastic surgeons state that more often than not, patients come to them to have several procedures done thinking that it would make them look more attractive. But when they come to analyze the situation, there is no real need for plastic surgery and that minor cosmetic interventions can do the trick. However, plastic surgeons are not always willing to share these tricks and realities to patients. Here are some of the things your plastic surgeon probably wants to tell you but they cannot:

  1. Try brow wax before going for a brow lift.

While a brow lift may give more permanent results, a brow wax can help one achieve younger and cleaner looking brows in no time without having to spend more.

  1. Try firming serums and eyelid lift creams before going for an eyelid lift.

The skin around the eye is thin and extremely sensitive which makes it sag easily. As per plastic surgeons, what one can do is apply firming serums and/or eyelid lift creams. They do work, however, with temporary results only.

  1. A simple scratch, cut, scrape does not need the hands of a plastic surgeon.

Parents are extremely cautious nowadays. However, plastic surgeons reiterated that there is no real need for their intervention unless the cut is so severe that it poses a real threat to the patient’s face or overall look.

  1. Always ask for alternatives.

Assistants of plastic surgeons are actually intelligent people. If you ask them which procedure you should have done, they will probably suggest the latest machine they have which is billing them a huge sum of money monthly.

The trick here is that once you feel the amount of the procedure is way out of your budget, ask right away for an alternative procedure which has more or less the same effect.

  1. If there is a medical reason for you wanting to have a plastic surgery, make your insurance pay for it.

A great example here would be if your eye lid is blocking your vision. In such case where the reason is not purely cosmetic, your insurance might actually pay for it.

Remember that plastic surgery is not always the solution and even plastic surgeons know this but it is their job to oblige with patient’s wishes especially if they are suitable candidates.