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Kylie Jenner and Her Stand on Plastic Surgery

Monday, September 28th, 2015

In less than 24 hours that Kylie Jenner refuted the allegations that she had breast enhancement surgery, she was spotted leaving Epione, a popular plastic surgery firm in Beverly Hills, California. This is the same practice where the Keeping Up with the Kadashians star has gone to before to get Juvederm and injectable fillers for her lips.

On her website, Jenner admitted that she only had lip fillers. The 18 year old star further explained that her lips have always been a major insecurity of hers, that was why she wanted to make a change.

In an article printed on Sept. 8, Kylie talked about her lip injections. She still goes to Dr. Ourian and has Juvederm for her lips. She trusts the doctor and considers him to be the best and natural about plastic surgery. In fact, Kylie went to another doctor before, but was not happy about it.

She actually recommended to anyone who would like to undergo injectable filler to opt for the one that lasts for two to four months only. It could get annoying to have the procedure again and again, although you can stop it any time you want.

Looking at Kylie Jenner, her face still looks natural even after admitting to getting a lip plumper surgery. It actually also shows us the power of makeup, as Kylie likes to use lip liner as a way to enhance her features.

When it comes to the rumors about breast enlargements, Kylie wrote on her website that her change in breast size was attributable to her growing up. However, even though the teen star shut down the rumors about going under the knife, she pointed out that she is not totally discounting plastic surgery.

If, in the future, she will get to a point where she feels uncomfortable with any part of her body, she would probably undergo some cosmetic surgeries.

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