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Transwoman Spends a Mint on Plastic Surgery to Look Like a Cartoon Character

Wednesday, November 25th, 2015

We’ve seen supermodel Heidi Klum don a Jessica Rabbit costume for this year’s Halloween, and plenty of people were impressed. But transgender performer Cassandra Cass took the idea to beautiful extremes. The 37-yr. old went under the knife to achieve the cartoon character’s trademark good looks, and she’s very happy and satisfied with the outcome.

Jessica Rabbit was one of the main characters in the Who Framed Roger Rabbit movie, a voluptuous redhead who plays as the wife of the titular character.

Cassandra underwent major surgeries on her body, including Adam’s apple reduction, facial feminization. brow shaving and sexual reassignment. Cassandra also made sure to copy the famous cartoon character’s visage through modifications on her lips, cheeks, nose, breasts, butt and hips.

However, she’s still not over with the nipping and tucking just yet. Cassandra wants a nipped waist just like Jessica’s, which can be achieved through another plastic surgery method. So far she is enjoying the fruits of her body modification’s success.

The times are in fact, a-changing and the procedure is quickly becoming more popular than before. Nowadays, countries like South Korea show that a high percentage of its population have underwent cosmetic operations. Statistics have displayed that 1 out of 77 Koreans opt for surgical or non-surgical body modification to beautify themselves and restore youth. In fact, both men and women have undergone those procedures.

Plastic surgery when done by the best specialists out there is the greatest decision an individual can make. Aesthetic professionals can make a man or woman look more beautiful, younger or shapelier. Thus, if performed right, it can promote a healthier self-esteem, happiness, and a more positive approach and outlook in life. Just like it did with Cassandra Cass.

Photo by Shockingly Tasty