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Understanding Plastic Surgery and Its Medical Application

Friday, August 1st, 2014

With the great hype about plastic surgery and the increasing Hollywood actors and actresses going for it, plastic surgery has been noted as simply for cosmetic enhancements and nothing else. If you want to look better and almost like the runway models and Hollywood A-listers, then you have to be prepared to shed some thousands of dollars.

This has been the notion for quite a long time already. The fact that plastic surgery goes far beyond than just a simple breast implant or nose lift has taken the back seat. In the olden days, plastic surgery is only used to reconstruct something that has been badly damaged either by an accident or an injury.

Today, people talk about plastic surgery so casually that we think people have forgotten the primary medical application of plastic surgery. For this, let us go back to the basics of plastic surgery, its importance, and medical uses.

Plastic surgery is actually divided into two branches – the cosmetic surgery and reconstructive surgery. Cosmetic surgery is the more popular one today as this is the one that improves the aesthetic appearance of a person. The other branch, reconstructive surgery, focuses on improving function more than just the appearance.


The Complete Scope of Cosmetic Surgery

If you are obsessed with achieving perfection in your facial or body appearance, then you should know more about the medical application of plastic surgery specifically cosmetic surgery. This is the more famous branch as most famous personalities have done it to improve their appearances. This is the type of surgery done to get a better looking nose, perfectly contoured cheeks and chin, bigger breasts, sexier waistline, and even a bigger butt.

Cosmetic surgery is more of satisfying the society. This branch of plastic surgery has been so glamorized because it can literally turn any normal-looking person into a Barbie or a Ken. However, this is not risk free. The medical application of plastic surgery specifically cosmetic surgery is still limited. It may be done to improve some physical aspects of a person’s body that he/she has always hated and could be hindering him/her from achieving self-confidence.

It must be noted, however, that cosmetic surgery cannot solve an underlying mental or psychological disorder. Expectation must also be realistic as doctors can only help improve the looks. Most people, especially the capable ones crave for perfection nowadays leading to endless cosmetic surgery procedures.


The Importance of Reconstructive Surgery

This differs greatly from cosmetic surgery because this is the branch that deals with reconstruction of facial or body features after an injury, accident, or an untoward event. This is most commonly used for burns, fractures, severe skin infections, and cleft palate among others. More than just restoring normal appearance and good facial features, this also focuses on restoring full function as may have been damaged.

A great example of the medical application of plastic surgery specifically reconstructive surgery is for burn patients. What plastic surgery doctors do is use the extra skin on other parts of the body to carefully graft it in the damaged areas to promote fast healing and growth of new skin. As a result, burn patients can have a normal look weeks or months after.

Other medical application of plastic surgery or reconstructive surgery are for those involved in motor vehicle accidents where a nasty cut could totally ruin your face or body parts and for infants born with birth defects. In such cases, plastic surgery in the form of reconstructive surgery does wonders in giving people a new shot at life without being ridiculed because of their appearance.

If you are considering either, know all of the medical application of plastic surgery to educate yourself more. This will lead to a better decision once you know the pros and cons of what you are about to do and everything it can and cannot do for you.

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