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Scar-Free Plastic Surgery Now a Reality

Sunday, November 29th, 2015

A group of surgeons in Toronto, Canada became pioneers as they completed a certain groundbreaking medical procedure that will change the face of plastic surgery forever.

They proclaim it as the first facial reconstruction procedure without the added scars. The team was led by Daniel Borsuk from Hospital Maisonneuve-Rosemont, an infirmary based in Montreal. In a span of 8 hours, the team worked and completed the process on an adult patient.

By making use of modern technology like 3D modeling and virtual surgery, the doctors carried out the entire facial reconstruction procedure by taking away a vascularized hunk of pelvic bone and restructuring it so it will acclimatize to the rest of the patient’s face, prior to resettling the bone within the mouth’s insides.

Years before this achievement, this kind of method would have taken several intrusions and would have left a number of scars on the patient, the doctors commented.

This undertaking sends a hopeful message to people with disfigurements and would need reconstructive operations to treat deformities. Nowadays, they won’t have to detach themselves and feel bad about their appearances.

Plastic surgery minus the scars can greatly improve one’s self-esteem and self-confidence, thereby improving the value of a patient’s life. This healthy outlook will direct individuals to a life of satisfaction and contentment.

It’s observed that people who are contented with their appearances will be subsequently positive in other aspects of life like work and relationships with other individuals. Thus, this important undertaking in the world of reconstructive surgery is a plus in this industry.

Plastic surgery is here to stay, and accomplishments like this one will make the whole industry stronger. Solutions for a better you are now easily accessible because of the tireless efforts of surgeons to better their craft.