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Social Media and the Candidness with Plastic Surgery

Thursday, October 8th, 2015

Cindy Crawford, who had admitted to some Botox, had reiterated her stand on supporting plastic surgery. She said that if one doesn’t like a feature and it could be changed, then one should go for it. On a separate note, Crawford, 49, also remarked on how she envies the current crop of models that have social media at their disposal to shape their own images.

It is true that social media is a wondrous tool of the modern age to gain fame and popularity. Post interesting pictures regularly, gain a substantial amount of followers and the next thing you know, celebrity gossip TV shows and magazines are already featuring you. But at the same time, this also gives a lot of followers access to pictures, past and present.  Unlike models and celebrities of the previous decade who have few pictorials and films that can be used as basis of appearance, an online photo album gives the audience a lot of comparison references for before  and after pictures.

This probably plays a part on the current candidness and admissions of celebrities about plastic surgery enhancements they have availed. There is no point in denying if there is an obvious change in a feature or two that can easily be detected by the very meticulous social network users.

This also takes out a lot of pressure from the shoulders of celebrities. They don’t have to hide their plastic surgery procedures anymore. Flaunting it would even earn them the status of endorsers so that they can get the next procedure free.

Cindy Crawford is beautiful, graceful and accomplished. But in terms of social standards of her time compared today, she really does have a lot to envy the young models who not only have more control over their careers but also more freedom on what they can do with their bodies without judgement.