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Plastic Surgery Gives Newborn Baby Girl Her Nose

Sunday, June 14th, 2015
Tessa Evans

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Arhinia is a very rare condition where there is congenital partial or complete absence of nose at birth. This is the exact condition of Tessa Evans when she was born two years ago in Maghera, Ireland.  There have only been 47 reported cases of this in the whole medical history. Basically, the newborn does not have sense of smell and no sinuses but can still catch a cough or a cold.

What sets Tessa Evans from the rest of 47 cases reported is because with the help of plastic surgery, she is the first person to have cosmetic nasal implant. As of writing, the 2-year-old little girl underwent a pioneering operation where a nose-shaped mould was inserted into her face which should stretch the skin and slowly build a nose.

No one knows if this pioneering start will become successful as Tessa still needs to undergo quite a few operations later on as the nose grows into her face and as deemed needed by the plastic surgeons who are working on her. The final prosthesis that will complete her nose and overall facial look, however, is set to be received once she becomes a teenager. She will also have tattoos by then to make the engineered nose look like a real one.

Please do note that sometime in a teenager’s life, the nose stops growing, which makes this phase the best time to put in the final prosthesis for Tessa. Experts say that this is the exact reason why they do all kinds of nasal procedures once a person is at least a teenage and not on the younger ones. However, Tessa’s parents decided to do it earlier as they think their beloved daughter would benefit from it the soonest time possible.

We all still have to wait for the final outcome of this first ever cosmetic nasal implant for a baby born with no nose but we do hope it will be a successful one. This should be very inspiring for everyone.