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Antidepressants: No Coherent Proof That It Could Augment Complications After Surgery

Sunday, November 8th, 2015

A lot of people believe that taking antidepressants before surgery could generate complications such as cancer, bleeding and other hostile intricacies but contrary to the said belief, these are considered to be false. As there are no coherent evidence that taking antidepressants could result to the said complications, according to a research review that was issued by the American Society of Plastic Surgeons on their November issue of Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery.

Discontinuing the use of antidepressant before reconstructive surgery may actually multiply the risk of postoperative intricacies instead of restricting complications; this is according to the report submitted by Dr. Isabel Teo of Ninewells Hospital and the Medical student from University of Edinburgh, Christopher Tam Song.

Could antidepressants trigger complications after reconstructive surgery?

Plastic surgeons are not worried about antidepressants, unlike any other medications. The use of this drug has increased in the past few years. According to a report, 1 out of 10 adults and adolescents in the USA use antidepressants. So it is not something to be shocked about when this drug is being used before undergoing cosmetic surgery.

An in-depth review on the risks of antidepressant when used for Plastic Surgery was conducted by Dr. Teo and Mr. Song. They studied 26 research data regarding the effect of antidepressants on a few risks of plastic surgery and these are:

  1. Bleeding
  2. Breast Cancer
  3. Breast Enlargement

According to the deliberation by Dr. Teo and Mr. Song, these studies have shown inconsistent results, some of it shows escalated bleeding rate, while other studies show no risk. Therefore, no consistent attestation of augmented intricacies has been found regarding antidepressants. It may harm the patients “psychologically” if surgeons stop the use of antidepressants and that is to be prevented than these unproven complications that is said to be an effect of the said drug.

Photo by Amanda M Hatfield