It’s No Longer a Secret! Sofia Vergara Undergoes Treatment to Maintain Her Youthful Glow

Sunday, October 11th, 2015

Sofia Vergara is really a pretty woman, no doubt about that.  But if you follow her on her Instagram you’d notice that she seems to have not aged at all! Yes, at 43 Sofia aside from her natural beauty is looking like a 25 year old.

Although it’s no longer a surprise to see someone maintain her youthful glow, it’s pretty impressive that one is able to achieve that without having to go through under the knife. Sofia’s youthful look is made possible by one of the latest advances in cosmetic surgery and procedures – Radio Frequency Treatment.

Radio Frequency Treatment (RFT) is a good option for people who wish to keep their skin healthy and young looking without having to go through painful procedures. Many people like Sofia have embraced its benefits not only because it’s painless but also the result is effective and immediate.

This treatment makes use of radio frequency (RF) waves that stimulate the face to produce new collagen. When you go through such procedure, you wouldn’t feel any sensation aside from the warmth of the machine being slid unto your skin. It only takes minutes for this procedure to finish and the effect will be seen immediately.

This kind of treatment are best for people who don’t want to do plastic surgeries or is already showing signs of sagging or loosing of skin especially those who are in their mid-30s and 50s regardless of their skin color. This procedure typically target areas on face such as the forehead, cheeks, jawline, under the eyes, mid-face and neck.  It also does well in other parts such as on your belly.

Another good thing about the Radio Frequency Treatment is that the risks are minimal and downtime as compared to surgeries.

So, that’s how Sofia maintains her youthful glow on top of her being naturally beautiful. Will you take the same plunge like Sofia did?

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Social Media and the Candidness with Plastic Surgery

Thursday, October 8th, 2015

Cindy Crawford, who had admitted to some Botox, had reiterated her stand on supporting plastic surgery. She said that if one doesn’t like a feature and it could be changed, then one should go for it. On a separate note, Crawford, 49, also remarked on how she envies the current crop of models that have social media at their disposal to shape their own images.

It is true that social media is a wondrous tool of the modern age to gain fame and popularity. Post interesting pictures regularly, gain a substantial amount of followers and the next thing you know, celebrity gossip TV shows and magazines are already featuring you. But at the same time, this also gives a lot of followers access to pictures, past and present.  Unlike models and celebrities of the previous decade who have few pictorials and films that can be used as basis of appearance, an online photo album gives the audience a lot of comparison references for before  and after pictures.

This probably plays a part on the current candidness and admissions of celebrities about plastic surgery enhancements they have availed. There is no point in denying if there is an obvious change in a feature or two that can easily be detected by the very meticulous social network users.

This also takes out a lot of pressure from the shoulders of celebrities. They don’t have to hide their plastic surgery procedures anymore. Flaunting it would even earn them the status of endorsers so that they can get the next procedure free.

Cindy Crawford is beautiful, graceful and accomplished. But in terms of social standards of her time compared today, she really does have a lot to envy the young models who not only have more control over their careers but also more freedom on what they can do with their bodies without judgement.

Plastic Surgery: Feeling Good Inside, Looking Good Outside

Friday, October 2nd, 2015

Some looks are appreciated, while some are totally not. Most think pointed noses will always look good compared to crooked noses. Why? As much as we wanted to figure out the answer, would that still matter with our people today? If you don’t look ‘wow’ to them, they’ll judge. If you change your look for them, they’ll still judge.

They say being you and what’s inside you, regardless of how you look, is the most important thing, but in reality, that’s not how it works. Either way, all you get are judgments. So why not be beautiful inside and at the same time, outside.

As plastic surgery is simply defined, it’s a surgery that improves or repairs the form of appearance of body parts and since when did the word ‘improve’ became bad? Plastic surgery has its way to be appreciated and here are some factors why it’s not really that bad:

  • Have an improved appearance. Enhancing your physical look by repairing damaged parts of your body or correcting a part you heart desires, plastic surgery is your genie. With the help of high quality plastic surgeons, you will definitely have the results you’re looking for if your appearance is not in line with what you desire.
  • Works out confidence. One reason why people lack confidence is the struggle of accepting the outward appearance. If you want your self esteem rise, Plastic surgery can not only improve your appearance, but it can also improve your confidence as well.
  • Have better relationships. When you lack confidence, you lack the willingness to express yourself out to others, even with your love ones. For your desire of changing the way you look outwardly by plastic surgery, you can be the person you always wanted to be, to look and others will finally see you this way, happy. 

However, plastic surgery is also simply expensive. At this point, money may buy happiness but in a positive approach. Since getting a plastic surgery is an elective one, you must be willing to pay top amount of money to get the result you desire. If you cut the costs, it will just lessen the quality of the result.

As they say, change is the only permanent thing in the world. Sometimes, acceptance isn’t enough to make a person totally happy, or hearing other people compliment you even though what you have in mind is dissimilar to what they say.

Having a plastic surgery is a personal decision. Some may appreciate it, some may not. If you think you need it or want it, and if it can make you happier, just go ahead and pamper yourself with the things you want to do or have. Just make sure you won’t regret any single thing that makes you happy, perhaps happier.

Kylie Jenner and Her Stand on Plastic Surgery

Monday, September 28th, 2015

In less than 24 hours that Kylie Jenner refuted the allegations that she had breast enhancement surgery, she was spotted leaving Epione, a popular plastic surgery firm in Beverly Hills, California. This is the same practice where the Keeping Up with the Kadashians star has gone to before to get Juvederm and injectable fillers for her lips.

On her website, Jenner admitted that she only had lip fillers. The 18 year old star further explained that her lips have always been a major insecurity of hers, that was why she wanted to make a change.

In an article printed on Sept. 8, Kylie talked about her lip injections. She still goes to Dr. Ourian and has Juvederm for her lips. She trusts the doctor and considers him to be the best and natural about plastic surgery. In fact, Kylie went to another doctor before, but was not happy about it.

She actually recommended to anyone who would like to undergo injectable filler to opt for the one that lasts for two to four months only. It could get annoying to have the procedure again and again, although you can stop it any time you want.

Looking at Kylie Jenner, her face still looks natural even after admitting to getting a lip plumper surgery. It actually also shows us the power of makeup, as Kylie likes to use lip liner as a way to enhance her features.

When it comes to the rumors about breast enlargements, Kylie wrote on her website that her change in breast size was attributable to her growing up. However, even though the teen star shut down the rumors about going under the knife, she pointed out that she is not totally discounting plastic surgery.

If, in the future, she will get to a point where she feels uncomfortable with any part of her body, she would probably undergo some cosmetic surgeries.

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Delaying Retirement with Plastic Surgery is the New Baby Boomer Trend

Friday, September 25th, 2015

The number of cosmetic surgeries being performed all over the world has increased in the last few years. This does not affect the fact that these surgical procedures are among the most expensive operations undertaken, mainly because they are complex surgical operations that require specialized and skillful surgeons.

Among those that want to undergo plastic surgery are the boomers, as a way for them to stay competitive at work. On the other hand, some others wait until retirement, and consider a cosmetic surgical procedure as their greatest reward.

The most common cosmetic surgeries in the 55-plus age bracket are face-lift, forehead lift, ear reshaping, hair transplant, pectoral implants, and nose reshaping.

In the case of Margaret Cipparrone, 63 years old, her main reason why she wants to undergo plastic surgery is because she is not yet ready to retire. She is a county assistant prosecutor, and would like to keep working. She is financially stable and wants the school loans of her children paid off. She knows she is old but still would like to fit in her workforce, hence the need for cosmetic surgery. Despite her age, Cipparrone does not think that it is time for her to retire.

Another example is a lawyer, 64, who took a long vacation and instead had a face lift. It actually gotten her another ten more years of working in her company.

In line with this, private lenders are stepping in to finance the nips and tucks of these boomers. These firms establish relationships with cosmetic surgery facilities. The data of the lenders are showing that people in their 60s to 80s were asking for loans for plastic surgery such as eyelid lift, face lift and tummy tuck.

Generally, many boomers go through these plastic surgeries because they want to be useful to their families and to the society.

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The Reverse Stigma Of Plastic Surgery

Monday, September 21st, 2015

How things have changed. A decade ago, plastic surgery is often hidden and denied. Patients are not just looked down upon, they may even be insulted face to face. Fake, insecure, vain and no value for inner beauty are derogatory terms usually thrown at those who admit and even those who are just suspected of going under the knife.

These days however, with access to, constant visibility of, and a lot of confessions of celebrities in the media, it is becoming common for public figures to be criticized if they don’t appear to be taking cosmetic steps to take care of themselves.

Well Wishes for Hilary

Some supporters of the GOP candidate wish they can give the hardworking secretary a treat to the spa for relaxation and some Botox for firmer and fresher look. Not only does she deserve it, they claim, it would also improve her image, making her look more youthful and energetic and dispel concerns about her health. These concerns for her well-being as well as enhancement of public perception seem to be legitimate reasons, especially as she is aspiring to replace an exuberant Obama. Still, she should be free to choose what she wants.

Dealing with Misplaced Criticisms

The public is harsher on showbiz personalities in their demands and definition of presentability. With the perception that celebrities have easy connections, money and even sponsorship offers for plastic surgery, the public can become cruel if these celebs don’t “fix less desirable features”. From simple dry skin, to teeth gaps, to crooked noses to wrinkles, magazine and YouTube comments can be demanding and demeaning. The usual rationalization for the public clamor is that celebs make their living in front of the camera, and must thus, look appealing to the public

This discrimination against physical appearance is the very thing plastic surgery is hoping to combat. Plastic surgery aims to make persons comfortable and confident in their own skin. The last thing we want is to pressure people to get things done even if they don’t want to.

It is a Choice

If plastic surgery would help persons gain confidence and feel good about themselves, they should be supported. If they don’t want to get anything done, they should still be accepted as they are. We are in an age when we claim to have most freedom to pursue what truly makes us happy. Let us all make this a reality by loving and respecting people the way they want to be.

Simone Pretscherer Undergoes Plastic Surgery to Get Rid of Loose Skin

Friday, September 18th, 2015

A thrilled Simone Anderson Pretscherer posted her semi-nude photo on her Instagram account revealing her new flat tummy. She became an internet sensation when she hit back at her online bashers that did not believe her weight loss.

Photo credits to Simone Anderson on Instagram [simone_anderson]

Photo credits to Simone Anderson on Instagram [simone_anderson]

The New Zealand make-up artist who dropped about half of her weight in only 11 months has displayed her new body shape after undergoing plastic surgery to remove her excess skin.

The 24-year-old, Simone went from a staggering 373 pounds to 179 pounds, achieving her target weight this year. However, it left her a large amount of extra skin.

Before the surgical procedure, her doctor, Dr. Remus Repta, explained that it would just take care some of the things that Pretscherer would not be able to handle by herself. He further explained that absolutely no amount of exercise or diet can remove that volume of loose skin. It would be a challenging operation, but the expected results would be amazing.

Simone’s eight-hour plastic surgery included a bra-line back lift, tummy tuck, breast augmentation and a breast lift. The objective was to remove the excess skin and replenish the amount that she had lost.

Simone told the publication before the cosmetic surgery that it was something that she could not wait for. However, she was most excited about the basic areas in her life that would greatly improve by her skin removal procedure.

She was looking forward to the time when she would not need to tuck her loose abdominal skin into her pants any more, and could put on a top just like what everybody else does, without worrying about her loose skin suddenly popping out.

The plastic surgery took place one year after Simone’s decision to make a big change in her life. By using a commercial scale to determine her actual weight, and came to the realization that she had to turn her life around.

Mariah Carey: To Go Under the Knife Again?

Monday, September 14th, 2015

Plastic surgeries are popular with models, movie stars, and singers who are trying to prevent or delay aging. It has become extremely popular all over the world, that even ordinary teens and self-conscious individuals turn to it as well.

And, the latest celebrity in the center of plastic surgery is Mariah Carey.

Mariah is rumored to be happy to do anything for her new boyfriend James Douglas Packer, an Australian business tycoon. This means the diva is willing to undergo a cosmetic surgery, specifically breast reduction. The reason for this, is that Carey is feeling insecure of the bodies of Packer’s former girlfriends.

After seeing photos of Packer’s slim ex-girlfriends, Carey began to feel self-conscious of her large build. Even though the singer has always attracted a lot of attention with her curvy figure, she apparently wished to have smaller breasts for her Aussie boyfriend now.

According to reports, the legendary singer is determined to get some plastic surgery done to her breasts. Aside from hoping to look her best for the new man in her life, Mariah Carey has actually been complaining that her breasts are a bit spread out and looking like plastic.

Despite the insecurities, boyfriend James told Mariah that she does not need to undergo any cosmetic procedures. The billionaire likes her body just the way it is. But, the singer has already sets her mind to it.

However, this is not the first time that speculations over the internet about Mariah Carey attempting to undergo plastic surgery. She was also thinking about doing a gastric bypass surgical procedure to help reduce her weight.In fact, it was James who recommended this procedure. According to sources, Carey opened up her weight problem to Packer. He even offered to pay for the said surgery. He has been suggesting it because back in 2011, James Packer lost about 75 pounds with the same procedure.

Photo by Disney | ABC Television Group

Gain The Upper Hand

Friday, September 11th, 2015

Our hands can be argued as one of the hardest working parts of our body. We use it to swipe and carry our smartphones,  we use hand gestures for clearer communications, we use it  for work, for eating, for cleaning ourselves, for exercising, and even for testing things out (make up, perfume, lipstick, whether the shower is too hot or just right). It is an impulse agent, the go to part for reacting to danger or accidents (whether to grab at something in the possibility of falling off, or shielding/shoving away hazardous objects).

Yet, what little care do we often give our hands. The face gets all sorts of special wash and creams, the tummy gets tucked and firmed and the foot gets spa’d and massaged. Of course, there are hand treatments; creams, massages and manicure; but if you’ll think of it, these procedures are not nearly as popular as other care procedures for other part of our bodies. No wonder, when we come out looking all fresh, tight and slim from our plastic surgery procedure, our forgotten hands look like they’ve been left to age from decades ago!

Hands, being exposed to so much work, stress, sun and chemicals end up looking wrinkled and dry, with prominent veins popping out.

It is time that we give back to our hands and give it the pampering that it deserves. These are a list of care procedures and plastic surgeries you can give your hands:

  • Chemical Peel – uses special chemicals to make discoloration disappear
  • Microdermabrasion – applying refined crystals to skin for a clear and fresh polish
  • Sclerotherapy – injects solution to veins to lessen visibility
  • Laser Skin Resurfacing – laser light is used to remove marks of veins and sun spots
  • Dermal fillers – gives volume to hands, allowing for a plumper and smoother look; variations of this also provides collagen for skin nourishing
  • Thermage – used for skin tightening

Some procedures involve the combination of fillers, pulsed lights and lasers for a better overall effect, depending on patient’s skin type.

Taking care of our hands does not necessarily mean undergoing plastic surgery right away. We can start small by ensuring our hands are well protected by sufficient sunscreen (not just from excess sunscreen applied to our faces).

Now put your hands up and let us be proud of our beautiful, tight and hardworking hands!

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The Evolution of the Nose Surgery

Tuesday, September 8th, 2015

Operation involving the nose, being a prominent part of the face, is a delicate process that seem to require high tech operating rooms and highly specialized surgeons. So it is a surprise to find out that the “nose job” or rhinoplasty is an old practice that dates back to Ancient Egypt!

It is hard to imagine how the ancients were able to execute such a complex plastic surgery and one can wonder whether such procedures left visible scars on patients given that old civilizations lack access to such fine scalpels and medical equipment that we have these days.

More fascinating is the implication that there had been a “demand” for plastic surgery long before its boom in our time.

Let us take a look back at the past and discover how the art of rhinoplasty had evolved before becoming the high-tech science that it is today.

1550 BC – in the Ebers Papyrus; described as a remedy for people whose noses were cut-off as punishment for crimes done

800 BC –  in the Sushruta samhita; the physician Sushruta used the technique of flapping skin from the cheek and attaching it to the cut-out nasal stump to reconstruct the nose

AD 14 – in De Medicina; procedure for reconstructing amputated nose was described by Aulus Cornelius Celsus

AD 400 – in Synagogue Medicae; Oribasius also used the skin flap technique along with innovations for quick healing and infection prevention

AD 920 – in Bald’s Leechbook; described the procedure with additional techniques of using herbal medicine to accelerate healing. Prayers and incantations are also included as part of the procedure.

1597 – in Curtorum Chirurgia Per Insitionem; Gasparo Tagliacozzi gave a detailed and new technique of using a biceps muscle pedicle flap. The cosmetic surgery was to help out disfigured soldiers.

1794 – in Gentleman’s Magazine of London; Cruso and Findlay published a detailed description and illustration of a new technique – the forehead pedicle-flap

More and more publications came out in the 19th century, largely fueled by the great wars that led to the deformation of many soldiers. With the desire to restore the appearances and dignity of these heroes, rhinoplasty had only gotten better and better.

Now, the choice of the modern patient for cosmetic surgery is no longer confined to what part of the body the skin for reconstruction will be coming from. The new techniques are vast and the purposes and reasons for undergoing the procedure are also varied. Main techniques are split between open and closed rhinoplasty, and more recently, the non-surgical innovation of using injectables.

Photo by Science Museum London