Monica Bellucci on Plastic Surgery: Do It In A Good Way, With Intelligence

Monica Bellucci recently had an interview with the Daily Mail, where she talked about being casted as Lucia Sciarra in the 2015 James Bond film: Spectre. As the interview goes, they have talked about her not being afraid to grow old as it is part of life. Plastic surgery also came up as one of the topics.

According to the 51-year-old actress, she has never had plastic surgery.

Monica Bellucci’s on Plastic Surgery

As we all know, a lot of women in the show business industry has had work done on their faces and a lot also are expressing their opinions in a judgmental tone of voice.

On the other hand, Belluci is not one of them. She is not against the idea of having plastic surgery, even though she did not go under the knife. She does not want to judge other people who want to enhance their facial features via plastic surgery.

If having plastic surgery and enhancing a feature on your face is what makes you feel better then why not, right? Everyone is entitled for their own actions, those are their own faces. No law prohinits them to not do so. Bellucci has nothing against that. Some people likes and looks better with Botox, and others prefer other treatments or procedure. Bellucci stated that she is for freedom. Anyone can do exactly what they want with their own faces.

So what’s her beauty secret?

She trusts in the power of an all-natural facial cream and professional make-up. She would not let anyone see her imperfect self, except of course if it is required for her role in a drama or movie. She also believes in acupuncture and how it frees your skin and let it breathe.

What’s great about her is she is not afraid to show her age and she is fine with the fact that she is getting old. Bellucci makes sure that she is gracefully aging and happily living her life.

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