Top Irish Model Tiffany Gushes About Her New Chin

Tiffany Stanley

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Tiffany Stanley recently underwent plastic surgery and could not stop telling the world about it. The model had taken to Instagram with her Barbie-like blond hair and baby blue eyes to call particular attention to her new purchase: dermal filler injection. The former Miss Ireland runner up got this shot to the underside of her face to fix her unbalanced chin.

The Kardashian Connection

The FHM and Esquire model further revealed that the plastic surgery was performed by no less than Dr. Simon Ourian, doctor to the stars including the famous Kardashian sisters. I guess Tiffany now has more in common with Kim other than the penchant for posing with her backside. It is ironic though, since Tiffany now prefers to post frontal pictures of her face after her surgery rather than putting up pictures of her rear that had often elicited comparisons with Mrs. Kanye West.

Confidence Booster

Well, her recent facial close ups might be a testament to her new found confidence.  “I’m happy and I feel great… More power to anyone that wants to look and feel good I say,” the aspiring commenter enthused. Tiffany further said that she doesn’t understand why plastic surgery would even be an issue these days. She is so happy with the result of her operations, she seem to be even endorsing going under the knife. It is hard to believe that she used to think lowly of artificial beauty enhancements.

Change of Heart

“Some women resort to surgery and fillers, but they end up looking way worse,” Tiffany had said previously. She stated that she fears plastic surgery because most patients end up looking like waxwork. She had apparently overcome her fear and embraced cosmetic operations to further improve her already stunning looks. She now feels like a work of art, calling her doctor an “artist and the best doctor in LA.”

Tiffany’s is another of those stories that show that one should not pass judgment easily. Plastic surgery is more than vanity. With the right motivation and expert surgeons, it is a path to self-improvement and confidence builder that can be availed even by the already beautiful like Tiffany.

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