The Most Common Misconceptions About Cosmetic Surgery

cosmetic surgery

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Cosmetic surgery remains one of the hottest trends and topics today as far as vanity and beautification go. However, it is pretty amazing how a lot of aspiring cosmetic surgery patients know so little truth about it. Try to ask your friend who wanted a cosmetic surgery done for the longest time and he/she would probably mention at least one of these common misconceptions.

  1. Cosmetic surgery can also be referred to as plastic surgery.

This most definitely tops the list. The general public thinks that cosmetic surgery and plastic surgery are interchangeable and have the same meaning.

Truth is these two are closely related but not the same. Cosmetic surgery is actually a subspecialty of plastic surgery. Plastic surgery, in general, is focused on repair and/or reconstruction to obtain a normal appearance and function whereas cosmetic surgery mainly focuses on enhancing one’s appearance regardless if it is well functioning or not.

  1. Breast augmentation corrects sagging breasts.

Breast augmentation is another term for breast implants, which are designed to make the breasts look larger. However, it is not designed to raise the nipples or the breast itself.

If you want to perk up your breasts, go for a breast lift instead. This cosmetic surgery procedure will tighten the skin in your breasts and raise it. However, a breast lift would not make your breasts look bigger.

  1. Liposuction is the easiest route to lose weight.

If you are rich, you might have heard someone tell you that you can eat whatever you want and just simply go for a liposuction afterwards. This is absolutely wrong.

For anyone interested in liposuction, the correct procedure would be to lose as much weight as you can first before the cosmetic surgeon does the procedure (if there is still a need to). Another fact is that liposuction removes the fat cells but not the cellulite. Hence, this may actually give a dimpled look, which could make it look more horrible than normal.

These are just some of the most common cosmetic surgery myths today that should be totally busted. People who are interested in cosmetic surgery should do his/her own research in order to be knowledgeable and decide more accurately on what to do.


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