Old But Useful Facts About Facial Plastic Surgery

In our world today where everyone is expected to look amazingly good despite the increasing age, it can be frustrating how topical treatments seem to work ever so slowly. People today want immediate results because of false advertisements made by big skin care companies.

Experts say that there is no such thing as immediate results with ordinary skin treatments and that the closest thing that could give you instant results would be facial plastic surgery. However, recovery time should still be taken into consideration as it would still take time for the face to recover to finally appreciate the results.

A Bit of History

Facial plastic surgery dates back to the 600 B.C. but we have less information during that time. It was only during the 1500s that plastic surgery took a modern turn thanks to the genius studies of Italian-Gaspare Tagliacozzi.

The world probably saw the largest number of plastic surgeries during World War II where it was widely practiced. From then on, different types of plastic surgery were developed. Breast augmentation became the fad since the 21st century but recently, Botox has been a common household name.

The Most Performed Facial Plastic Surgery

Facial lift used to be the most performed facial plastic surgery in the previous years. But ever since people discovered Botox and how it seems to fight out unwanted and highly feared signs of aging, it has been the reason why people seemed to have their poker faces on and there is less screaming in the neighborhood.

Botox is actually a lethal toxin but when used in proper doses, it can correct strabismus or crossed eyes condition. Later on, it was found out that Botox also efficiently reduces the appearances of fine lines in the face. Thus, it now is one of the most in-demand facial plastic surgery procedures today.

Rhinoplasty and eyelid surgery quickly follows the list in the most performed facial plastic surgery procedures today.  Unlike the olden days, gender is starting not to play a role with regards to facial plastic surgeries as men today are becoming just as obsessed with their faces and their age.

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