The Beauty of Breast Reduction Surgery

In a world where everyone is going bigger, why would a woman with large breasts want to go smaller? This is a very common question that small-breasted women ask. They probably ask this because they have yet to experience the burden of having extremely large breasts.

From other people’s eyes, women with large breasts are sexy and lucky. However, for women with large breasts, it means having people look at your breasts instead of your face and bothersome neck and back pain. Here are some quick facts about the beauty of breast reduction surgery and how it can resolve your ongoing problems and pain.

How It Is Done

Normally, breast reduction surgery warrant that a patient stays at least overnight at the hospital since general anesthesia is commonly used in the procedure. The surgery takes around three to five hours depending on how simple or complex the procedure is. Remember that this may change in different situations.

The incision is ordinarily done around the nipple going down the breast. Excess fat, tissue, and skin are therefore removed. The nipple will be relocated for a natural look despite the amount of fat and tissue removed. Drainage tubes may be placed depending on the situation. Sutures are then placed and the breast is wrapped in special gauze.

A patient may or may not be required to wear a surgical bra. The plastic surgeon will instruct you on follow-up for suture removal. Patient will be given instructions for wound care and prescription for pain reliever or antibiotics should it be deemed necessary by the plastic surgeon.

Full rest at home should be for a minimum of a week though this would depend on your body’s ability to heal. There should be no strenuous exercises or physical activities for at least a month after the surgery. Depression can also be expected as with any other surgery and the patient must have some form of social support in the form of families and friends.

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