How to Find the Right Cosmetic Surgeon

With the recent increase in medical malpractices caused by people who only claim to be cosmetic surgeons, the more reason for everyone to be extremely careful in choosing their picks. While price may forever be a major factor to consider, do not fall for ridiculously cheap deals that instantly raise a red flag.

Any cosmetic surgeon has spent hundreds of thousands of dollars for numerous years of education, training, and experience. If you are decided to undergo a cosmetic surgery, then you must not only be emotionally and physically prepared but financially prepared as well.

But how exactly do you look for the right cosmetic surgeon in a city probably full of it? Here are some quick guidelines as outlined by the American Society of Aesthetic Plastic Surgery to help patients find certified plastic surgeons:

  • Check Board Certification

This is the number one indicator that a person has successfully finished his/her medical education, training, and surgical specialty. For cosmetic surgeons/plastic surgeons, they must have certification from the American Board of Plastic Surgery or ABPS.

  • Ask for ASAPS Membership

This membership ensures that the cosmetic surgeon you have found has a significant experience in the field of cosmetic surgery as this membership is strictly by invitation only.

  • Look for Accredited Facilities

If you have chosen a cosmetic or plastic surgeon who is an ASAPS member, this should not be a problem as all of them works only in accredited facilities. However, not all office-based facilities are accredited so be very careful and check if the surgeon operates on an accredited facility.

  • Look for Reliable Sources

The best route to go here is to ask your longtime primary care physician for a referral to a plastic surgeon he/she knows. You can also ask your friends and relatives which they think is the best based on their experience.

  • Research on Surgeon’s Experience and Feedback

Research on the internet or ask around for anyone who has tried the services of the cosmetic surgeon you are referred to. Former or current patient’s feedbacks will give you an idea of his/her service.

Through all these, always be reminded of the risks and complications when you agree to undergo a cosmetic surgery. You are putting your well-being on the hands of your cosmetic surgeon so it is imperative that you find the right one.

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