When Life Gives You Lemons, You Squeeze and Bring Out the Tequila

Whatever life throws at you, it’s always best to face it with a smile. But what if you can’t even smile because of plastic surgery gone wrong? Don’t fret, there’s still hope in reconstructive surgery. But take note that what it costs may turn that newfound smile to a frown! 

Reconstructive surgery in the simplest definition is the restoration and improvement of bodily functions that may be caused by traumatic injuries and diseases (either by accidents or other procedures gone wrong) or from birth defects (cleft lip and palate). This department also takes care of tumors and dead tissues and cells.

Contrary to popular beliefs, this type of surgery does not only limit itself to literally reconstructing a damaged face or body part due to plastic surgery.

Break It Down 

There are different kinds of reconstructive surgery. From the most common to the complex, all sorts of which are of the same level of importance.

  • Breast Reconstruction: Women who have undergone mastectomy have been the most in demand clients for this specific procedure. There are also those women with large breasts who suffer from back problems who also undergo this procedure to reduce its size.
  • Facial Surgeries: These are procedures done to improve or correct facial defects either born with or caused by injuries or diseases.
  • Wound Care: This procedure removes damaged tissues and mend open cuts from parts that have been severely burned or cut. Reconstructive techniques like Skin grafts are also available.
  • Hand and Feet Reconstruction: These procedures cater mainly to those who suffer from tumors whether cancerous or non-cancerous, webbed feet or hands, and extra fingers or toes. People with carpal tunnel syndrome can also undergo this procedure.
  • Tissue Expansion: This procedure enables the body to grow more to any part of the body in lieu of the damaged ones caused by either of the following: birth defects, accidents, and surgeries.

For more complex wounds, reconstructive plastic surgeons use the concept of a “reconstructive ladder”. This concept ranges from very simple techniques such as primary closure and dressing of wounds to more complex skin grafts and tissue expansion The higher the ladder, the more complex the procedure.

There have been more than a million reconstructive surgery procedures performed every year according to the American Society of Plastic Surgeons, and is a slowly growing business due to the rising number of plastic surgeries gone wrong.

Case to Case, Just In Case

Each case varies from the other and that’s how your doctor would handle it, individually. If ever you suffer from one of these diseases and need help, you can check with your insurance since some of them do cover it on your plan but make sure you talk to your doctors first.

There’s nothing wrong with wanting to better yourself, but you should always remember to put a fine line between just right and too much. Don’t wait for the day when you can’t even rely on reconstructive surgery to fix you.


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