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Paris Hilton’s Perfect Skin Needs No Plastic Surgery


Born to fame and living in fame, Paris Hilton confessed that a lot of people actually don’t know the real Paris Hilton.  She told New You that, “A lot of people don’t know the real me….The Paris that they were introduced to over a decade ago on The Simple Life is not who I am. That was […]


Top Irish Model Tiffany Gushes About Her New Chin

Tiffany Stanley recently underwent plastic surgery and could not stop telling the world about it. The model had taken to Instagram with her Barbie-like blond hair and baby blue eyes to call particular attention to her new purchase: dermal filler injection. The former Miss Ireland runner up got this shot to the underside of her […]


Ariel Winter’s Breast Reduction Journey

Ariel Winter, from the series Modern Family, attended Disney’s D23 Expo just days after she admitted that she had undergone plastic surgery to reduce her breasts. She suffers from frequent back pains due to her large breasts. Seventeen-year old Ariel Winter also said that people seem to notice her breasts first instead of focusing on […]