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Understanding Plastic Surgery and Its Medical Application

With the great hype about plastic surgery and the increasing Hollywood actors and actresses going for it, plastic surgery has been noted as simply for cosmetic enhancements and nothing else. If you want to look better and almost like the runway models and Hollywood A-listers, then you have to be prepared to shed some thousands […]


Tummy Tuck Procedure – Is It Right For You?

Have you always wanted a surfer stomach but ended up getting a protruding belly that makes you want to head over the most famous tummy tuck surgeon in the city? Sadly, the lifestyle we have today and the society contradicts each other. We are faced with all sorts of fattening foods yet the society dictates […]


Pocketful of Misery: How One Wrong Surgery Can Change Your Life

People have a bad habit of not being contented with what they have. Even celebrities and famous people who in the normal world can be thought of as “almost perfect” still have one or two things they’d rather change about themselves, well, physically. Both men and women have the same problem. Age and race isn’t […]