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The Beauty of Breast Reduction Surgery


In a world where everyone is going bigger, why would a woman with large breasts want to go smaller? This is a very common question that small-breasted women ask. They probably ask this because they have yet to experience the burden of having extremely large breasts. From other people’s eyes, women with large breasts are […]


Why Double Eyelid Surgery is Popular in Asia


Some call it Asian double eyelid surgery while some refer to it as East Asian blepharoplasty or simply Asian blepharoplasty. Double eyelid surgery has become so increasingly popular in Asia over the last decades that some are questioning the reason behind this. Are Asians trying to look more like Western people or do they simply […]


The Advantages and Disadvantages of Breast Enhancement


In a world full of technology and beauty, it is hard to keep up with the demands of this judgmental world. The society wants every woman to have a flawless face and a body worthy to be on the cover of most men’s magazines. Fact is that the same as the saying no two women […]