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The “Kardashian Effect” on Plastic Surgery


A new trend is becoming more popularized in the plastic surgery industry as more women aim to have that curvy body a la Kim Kardashian. The Brazilian butt lift is now slowly becoming one of the most performed procedures in cosmetic plastic surgery. Barbara Mendoza, the owner of BM Skincare, is a 38-year old aesthetician […]


Tummy Tucks: More Likely to Lead to Complications


According to a new study, those who have undergone tummy tucks may be at a higher risk of major complications than those who have undergone other cosmetic surgeries. Abdominoplasty, the medical term for tummy tucks, is a procedure used to remove excess tissue and skin in the abdominal area. Researchers in the study found out […]


Antidepressants: No Coherent Proof That It Could Augment Complications After Surgery


A lot of people believe that taking antidepressants before surgery could generate complications such as cancer, bleeding and other hostile intricacies but contrary to the said belief, these are considered to be false. As there are no coherent evidence that taking antidepressants could result to the said complications, according to a research review that was […]