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Plastic Surgery: Will People Still Like You After Doing It?


It’s no doubt that plastic surgery could make you look younger and more attractive, but as soon as people found out that you had some reconstructive work done, they will undoubtedly make snap judgments about your personality much worse than the actual nose job or facial rejuvenation that you may have done. Sadly, it still […]


Tiffany Pollard’s Plastic Surgery Disaster On Botched

The former I Love New York star Tiffany Pollard is back and once again ready to hit the spotlight on reality TV. The reality star, who is a native of Utica, New York, Tiffany Pollard, started her television career after appearing VH1’s show Flavor of Love – earning her nickname “New York” from that show […]


Lara Flynn Boyle and Plastic Surgery: Still Unknown Truth


Lara Flynn Boyle, cast from the cult show Twin Peaks, has been recently in the news for looking unrecognizable. It seems like she is back on the spotlight for having a “frozen look.” Lara Flynn Boyle and plastic surgery have always been topics of rumors. The former star has been keeping it low profile since […]